'97 - '98 Varsity Ice Hockey News!

DATE: January 12, 1998

Senior Dan Percella has been named the New Jersey Devils High School Player of the Month for December in the National A Division. Congrats Dan!

DATE: January 19, 1998

Seton Hall Prep remains at the top of the polls for New Jersey. Seton Hall has been ranked No. 1 since the beginning of the season. The team's current record is 12-0. For the entire rankings of New Jersey High School Hockey visit New Jersey Scholastic Ice Hockey Online.

DATE: January 19, 1998

Junior Brandon Doria has been named The Star-Ledger High School Player of the Week. Against Christian Brothers Academy on January 17th, Doria had two goals and five assists leading Seton Hall Prep to a 10-2 victory over Christian Brothers Academy. Also, Doria leads the team with 27 points on 11 goals and 16 assists so far this season.

DATE: January 19, 1998

Seton Hall Prep's first and second lines were recognized today by The Star-Ledger as being two of the best lines in the entire state. Seton Hall's first line is made up of Senior Zach Hatcher on left wing, Junior Brandon Doria at center, and Sophomore Brady Crooks on right wing. The second line consists of Senior Joe Fernandez on left wing, Sophomore Chris Swon at center, and Senior Dan Percella on right wing.

DATE: February 2, 1998

Seton Hall Prep has not budged from their No. 1 ranking in the state of New Jersey since the start of the season. Again, they are on top of the polls with a current record of 15-1. For all the rankings of New Jersey High School Hockey visit New Jersey Scholastic Ice Hockey Online.

DATE: February 17, 1998

Zach Hatcher, Dan Percella, and Ed DeMartino have been given the privilege to participate in the fifth annual High School Ice Hockey All-Star game for seniors. Zach Hatcher and Dan Percella will play for the American Team while Ed DeMartino will skate for the National Team. The game will take place on March 25 at 7:30pm at Mennen Arena.

DATE: March 1, 1998

The Pirates of Seton Hall Prep capture the Gordon Cup after defeating St. Joe's Montvale 6-0!

DATE: March 21, 1998

The Seton Hall Prep Pirates have repeated their Parochial Championship! They have now won it two years in a row. They defeated Delbarton 3-1 this year in the championship.

DATE: March 24, 1998

The Pirates of Seton Hall Prep have won their first ever New Jersey State Championship! They defeated Brick by the score of 3-2 to achieve such a great honor. They are the New Jersey State Parochial and Overall Champions for 1998! Congratulations to ALL the players on the team especially the seniors who will be leaving at the end of this school year. They put their lives into this hockey program and it just goes to show you that hard work pays off.

DATE: March 24, 1998

The Seton Hall Prep Hockey Team has achieved some impressive goals this season by breaking school records. This year's team went for a final record of 25-2 which replaced the old record of 24 wins. This was the first year in which the team won the league, the Gordon Cup, and the Parochial State Championship back to back. Also, this is the first time the team has won all four goals in which they set out for in the beginning of the season: win the league, win the Gordon Cup, win the Parochial State Championship, and win the Overall State Championship. Congrats to everybody: all the players, coaches, fans, parents, teachers, faculty, and everybody else who contributed on making this year a memorable one. Thanks!

DATE: March 29, 1998

Senior Zach Hatcher has been named the Player of the Year in New Jersey High School Hockey. He was matched with fellow linemate Brandon Doria on the First Team All-State. On the Second Team All-State was Sophomore Chris Swon. In other news, the First Team All-Parochial starred Zach Hatcher, Brandon Doria, and Chris Swon. Junior John Dibble was named to the Third Team All-Parochial.

DATE: March 29, 1998

The Pirates of Seton Hall Prep have been awarded the Star-Ledger Top 20 Trophy for being the No. 1 team in the state of New Jersey. The team has set another school record being the only team in the state of New Jersey to remain No. 1 throughout the entire season.